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How IMC Allowed Me to Explore Marketing Communications at a Deeper Level

  July 18, 2019        0 Comments

Bailee Miller wanted two things: to explore the field of marketing communications at a deeper level and to do so while continuing to work. That's when she discovered West Virginia University's Integrated Marketing Communications graduate program.

Here's what she had to say about how WVU's Integrated Marketing Communications master's program encouraged her to specialize in an incredibly competitive field without sacrificing her time in the workplace.

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What You Need to Know About Creating a Social Media Measurement Plan

  July 09, 2019        0 Comments

After years of increases, social media spending declined in 2019.

The CMO Survey saw a drop in social media spending to 11 percent of marketing budgets from a high of 14 percent in 2018. Why? The authors suggest, “… despite massive financial investments, social media is rated as contributing only moderate value to company performance (3.3 on a scale where 7=very highly and 1=not at all).”

If you’re not confident in social media’s return on investment (ROI), it will only get harder to secure

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An Introduction to Survival Planning: A Summary of My WVU Course on Disruptive Innovation

  June 17, 2019        0 Comments

Writing a book was always on my professional bucket list. And as of March of this year, I have now written five of them! My latest - “Built to Suck: The Inevitable Demise of the Corporation…and how to save it?” - became the backdrop of another bucket list item, becoming a teacher.

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VP of Marketing at Deschutes Brewery Sheds Light on His IMC Journey

  June 13, 2019        0 Comments

As the Vice President of Marketing for Deschutes Brewery (and previously the VP of Marketing at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery), Neal Stewart is an experienced marketing professional who wanted to continue evolving as a professional and as a marketer.

In response to his wish to further his marketing knowledge, Neal chose to pursue the Integrated Marketing Communications graduate degree, West Virginia University's cutting-edge, pioneer graduate program. Here's what Neal had to say about his IMC...

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Topics: Integrated Marketing Communications, Student & Alumni Stories

The Top 10 Things You Missed From Integrate 2019

  June 07, 2019        0 Comments

We learned. We connected. We got inspired. And we left energized!

We had a great line up of speakers, including Jacelyn Swenson from IBM, Hugo Perez from Local Boy Creative, Jessica Modkins from Hip Rock Star, and many more.

And just as important, we had some great, engaging attendees! We are thankful for everyone who attended Integrate 2019, and we encourage you to mark your calendars for Integrate 2020 (May 28-30)!

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Diversity, PR, and Storytelling: Frank Marra Shares His Expertise With IMC Professionals

  June 04, 2019        0 Comments

Frank Marra is a professor and practitioner in Rochester, New York. He teaches IMC 631 — Crisis Communication at West Virginia University. Marra worked and studied for five years with Dr. Jim Grunig, the world’s leading scholar in public relations. He is a specialist in crisis management and developed the first theory of crisis public relations. 

We recently interviewed Marra on WVU's weekly podcast regarding his views on public relations, diversity in the communications field, and the power...

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Topics: Integrated Marketing Communications, Podcast Resources

Camaraderie of Online Students Shines at IMC and DMC Graduation

  May 20, 2019        0 Comments

Graduation. A time of celebration, when a student’s academic achievement is recognized and applauded. It’s also a time to recognize the sacrifices and support of family and friends who carried the graduate through the tougher times. Earning a degree isn’t easy. Basking in the moment of ultimate achievement is something that every graduate should enjoy.

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Topics: Integrated Marketing Communications, Data Marketing Communications, Student & Alumni Stories

Exceeding My Own Expectations in Integrated Marketing Communications

  May 09, 2019        0 Comments

Nastausha is an Integrated Marketing Communications graduate student at West Virginia University who has a lot to say about her experience in the Reed College of Media. Between her experience with expert faculty members and her increased knowledge of consistent messaging across brands, Nastausha explains how ultimately, her IMC graduate degree has prepared her for real, marketable career success.

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An Inspiring Story of Dedication to Academic Excellence — Kristen’s IMC Journey

  May 02, 2019        0 Comments

Meet Kristen Cosner. Kristen is a proud 2018 alumna of the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) online graduate program, finishing the program in less than two years.

After earning her master’s degree in IMC, Kristen was hired as a Communications Coordinator in the Office of Marketing and Public Relations at Glenville State College. Read Kristen’s unique story of survival and determination.

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Topics: Integrated Marketing Communications, Student & Alumni Stories

3 Ways the DMC Degree Complements the IMC Curriculum

  April 11, 2019        0 Comments

West Virginia University’s Reed College of Media offers two graduate programs that are great options for professional communicators who want to thrive in the dynamic marketing communications landscape: Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) and Data Marketing Communications (DMC). Both graduate degrees are first-of-their-kind programs where you can learn cutting-edge skills from leading experts at an R1-status institution.

But what if you’re a marketing communications professional who...

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