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Understanding How LinkedIn Can Benefit Higher Education Marketing

  May 16, 2019        0 Comments

Anthony Juliano is the Vice President of Account Service and Business Development at Asher Agency. Anthony has more than 15 years in marketing and communication strategy and has presented on social media and LinkedIn at national and international conferences.

Anthony has provided social media, blogging, and LinkedIn training for a wide variety of individuals and businesses and writes a monthly column about social media and has written for a variety of publications and blogs, including...

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Camaraderie of Online Students Shines at IMC and DMC Graduation

  May 10, 2019        0 Comments

Graduation. A time of celebration, when a student’s academic achievement is recognized and applauded. It’s also a time to recognize the sacrifices and support of family and friends who carried the graduate through the tougher times. Earning a degree isn’t easy. Basking in the moment of ultimate achievement is something that every graduate should enjoy.

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Exceeding My Own Expectations in Integrated Marketing Communications

  May 09, 2019        0 Comments

Nastausha is an Integrated Marketing Communications graduate student at West Virginia University who has a lot to say about her experience in the Reed College of Media. Between her experience with expert faculty members and her increased knowledge of consistent messaging across brands, Nastausha explains how ultimately, her IMC graduate degree has prepared her for real, marketable career success.

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Topics: Integrated Marketing Communications, Student & Alumni Stories

An Inspiring Story of Dedication to Academic Excellence — Kristen’s IMC Journey

  May 02, 2019        0 Comments

Meet Kristen Cosner. Kristen is a proud 2018 alumna of the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) online graduate program, finishing the program in less than two years.

After earning her master’s degree in IMC, Kristen was hired as a Communications Coordinator in the Office of Marketing and Public Relations at Glenville State College. Read Kristen’s unique story of survival and determination.

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Topics: Integrated Marketing Communications, Student & Alumni Stories

Why Data-Driven Marketing Outperforms Traditional Marketing

  April 25, 2019        0 Comments

“Data-driven,” “innovative,” “360-degree marketing,” “thought leadership,” “smart content.”

Have your eyes glazed over yet? We all know that feeling of boredom that creeps in when we absorb material that’s heavy on the latest marketing jargon. Most of us are guilty of using it too.

In the world of 21st-century marketing, every marketing team and agency wants to believe that they are “innovative” and “data-driven.” And because most marketing teams and agencies do have metrics and numbers to...

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Topics: Data Marketing Communications

How Do Sports and Autism Play the Right Roles Together?

  April 17, 2019        0 Comments

From the hardwood of the NBA with the Philadelphia 76ers to the asphalt racetracks of NASCAR with Richmond Raceway to the inspiring stories behind the world’s superlatives with Guinness World Records, Keith Green has more than two decades of sports and entertainment-focused integrated marketing communications experience. 

In 2015, Keith expanded his PR, marketing, community relations, and sales experience to include the role of a non-profit founder and leader when he formed the Autism MVP...

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3 Ways the DMC Degree Complements the IMC Curriculum

  April 11, 2019        0 Comments

West Virginia University’s Reed College of Media offers two graduate programs that are great options for professional communicators who want to thrive in the dynamic marketing communications landscape: Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) and Data Marketing Communications (DMC). Both graduate degrees are first-of-their-kind programs where you can learn cutting-edge skills from leading experts at an R1-status institution.

But what if you’re a marketing communications professional who...

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Topics: Integrated Marketing Communications, Data Marketing Communications

Defining the Unique Attributes that Make Up Your Personal Brand

  April 04, 2019        0 Comments

As a seasoned digital marketer, Hugo Pérez has dedicated himself to developing brand stories that hit their mark on any channel to any audience. He focuses on finding the compelling thread in brand stories that make consumer connections come to life. His personal story weaves across agencies and firms of all types, fueled by wide-ranging global experiences.

Hugo specializes in thought leadership, creative ideation, brand innovation, and 360-communications strategies. As a digital native, his...

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Data-Driven Marketing Strategies to Support Community Engagement

  March 27, 2019        1 Comment

Josh Wilson is a data-driven marketing executive for community focused financial institutions. He's currently VP of marketing for Whitefish Credit Union, the largest credit union in Montana. Josh is passionate about combining data-driven marketing strategies with authentic content to provide measurable success. Over his career, Josh has held positions in marketing, finance and government. He is also a graduate of West Virginia University's Data Marketing Communications master’s program.


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Topics: Data Marketing Communications, Podcast Resources

What is the Real ROI of a Master’s Degree for a Professional Marketer?

  March 22, 2019        0 Comments

As individuals, we face a deluge of information unprecedented in human history, from the screens we carry in our pockets to broadcast media, from traditional print to emerging AI technologies. As marketing communications professionals, we should be asking ourselves a crucial question: How can we, as professional communicators, propel our message, reach our target audience, remain relevant, and experience professional success in a competitive industry like marketing communications?

Success in...

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