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[Student Story] How IMC Helped Me Land My Social Media Specialist Job

  September 12, 2019        0 Comments

After graduating with an art history major and working in event coordinating, Rickie Huffman decided to grow her career with a graduate degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. Rickie is a perfect example of someone who hoped to pursue a career that would nurture her creative spirit and her love of innovation.

Acknowledging the every-changing field of marketing communications, Rickie chose to pursue

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What's a Persona? Hear From an IMC Expert on the Power of the Persona

  September 10, 2019        0 Comments

As the founder of Wax Marketing — an integrated marketing agency based in St. Paul, Minnesota — Bonnie Harris and her team design and implement IMC strategies for clients across the United States, focusing primarily on mid-sized companies in the healthcare, technology, and manufacturing industries.   

As an industry trailblazer, we’re excited that we had the opportunity to interview Harris on our weekly Marketing Communications Today podcast. Here’s what

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5 Reasons the Field of Healthcare Needs Marketing Professionals

  September 05, 2019        0 Comments

The healthcare field is growing, and with it, the need for talented marketing communications professionals — especially for marketers who have advanced knowledge of the particular needs within the healthcare industry. 

In this article, we’ll explore a few top reasons why the field of healthcare needs marketing communications professionals more than ever before. And perhaps, if you’re considering a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University’s Reed College of...

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[EZ Insider] Why I Chose The Management AOE

  September 03, 2019        0 Comments

I’m always trying to plan ahead, constantly thinking five years into the future.

A really bad habit of mine is actually getting on Apartments.com about three times a week to “just browse apartments I could live in one day” in a few cities that fit my “five-year plan.” I also do this on LinkedIn, but with job titles. I keep a running list of job postings that interest me and am constantly trying to uncover how I can be the “perfect candidate” for whatever job title I have decided I will be...

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What Do Social Media Professionals Need to Know About Today's Industry?

  August 29, 2019        0 Comments

Social Media Specialist. Media Coordinator. Paid Search Manager.

Do any of these professional roles appeal to you?

If so, then you definitely have an interest in the field of digital and social media. You also probably know that today's marketing industry is multifaceted and complex. If you're dedicated to boosting your career in marketing communications with a focus on digital and social media, you need to

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Treat Data Like a Team Member to Succeed in Marketing Communications

  August 27, 2019        0 Comments

It's an understatement to suggest that data is critical to an organization's sales and marketing work. It's vital. That said, I'm here to discuss what your relationship with data needs to look like in order for you to be successful using data to make decisions.

Simply put, salespeople and marketers need to treat data as a member of the team. Assuming, of course, you

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7 Jobs for Creatives Working in Marketing Communications

  August 22, 2019        0 Comments

Are you a creative professional dedicated to innovative thinking?

Are you passionate about the marketing industry?

Are you concerned that you don't have the skills necessary to succeed in a rapidly-changing field like marketing communications?

West Virginia University's Reed College of Media has the solution for creative minds like you.

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Topics: Integrated Marketing Communications

IMC & DMC Students Get Real About the Challenge of Time Management

  August 20, 2019        0 Comments

Making the decision to start your journey toward a graduate degree in either Integrated Marketing Communications or Data Marketing Communications can be challenging — especially when you are working a full-time job, juggling your personal responsibilities, and trying to maintain a social life. However, committing to graduate school does not mean giving up on the other parts of your life. It does mean, though, that you need to acknowledge the

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13 Career Titles for Data-Driven Marketers

  August 15, 2019        0 Comments

The marketing communications field continues to recognize the need for professional communicators who can apply data, analysis, and creative thinking to marketing campaigns. This recognition has led to more and more careers emerging for marketing professionals who understand the importance of data-driven marketing in all facets of marketing communications.

With this in mind, here are 13 career options for marketing professionals who aren’t afraid to

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[Interview] An Industry Consultant Examines B2B Marketing in 2019

  August 13, 2019        0 Comments

Bill Jones brings value to his students, consulting clients, and customers through his combination of skills and experience in sales, sales management, engineering, product development, team building, and innovation. Through WMTJ Consulting, Jones consults on product development, industrial process improvement, sales, and marketing. He develops and delivers in-house and manufacturer’s representative sales training courses, which include role playing and

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