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EZ Insider (Spooky Edition): It’s Halloween, and Everyone at the Party is an IMC Student

  November 05, 2019        0 Comments

It was a dark and stormy night. IMC discussion posts had been written, replies completed early, and thoughts of assignments due on Monday were being put on hold for the evening. Students gathered dressed in their best costumes to celebrate the only day of the year scarier than the capstone project deadline – Halloween.

At this party, you can tell just by the costume what each student is studying. Because just like Halloween garb, a student’s Area of Emphasis is a reflection of their

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EZ Insider: Experiencing the IMC Classroom in Transit

  October 22, 2019        0 Comments

When people ask about me about myself, one thing I always mention is that I love to travel.

I love to see new places, meet new people, and take a ridiculous number of pictures. In the past week, I traveled to South Beach, Miami, Florida and stayed in a hostel with eight of my best friends picture eight girls in a room packed with bunk beds.

Why do I mention this? Well, when you’re enrolled in an online graduate program — like Integrated Marketing Communication — your environment is

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[EZ Insider] Why I Chose The Management AOE

  September 03, 2019        0 Comments

I’m always trying to plan ahead, constantly thinking five years into the future.

A really bad habit of mine is actually getting on Apartments.com about three times a week to “just browse apartments I could live in one day” in a few cities that fit my “five-year plan.” I also do this on LinkedIn, but with job titles. I keep a running list of job postings that interest me and am constantly trying to uncover how I can be the “perfect candidate” for whatever job title I have decided I will be...

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[EZ Insider] Emily Off-the-Clock – A Summer Recap in Snapchat Memories

  August 09, 2019        0 Comments

When most people hear summer, they think about days spent at the pool and nights under the stars. For me, summer hasn’t actually been like that since 2016. Since the summer after my freshman year of college, I have worked full-time whenever school is out, I even worked over Christmas vacation my sophomore year.

While some students may cringe at the idea of spending sunny days 9-5 in an office, I loved my summer jobs. Each year I had a different internship, sending me back home to...

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[EZ Insider] It’s Your Path to Success – An Introduction

  August 01, 2019        0 Comments

At the beginning of your college journey, four years seems like a long time away. That question of what “life is after undergrad” doesn’t need to have an answer. You barely have to have an answer to what your major is for the first year and a half. For my first two years of undergrad, I had no clue where my future was going to take me.

During my sophomore year, the news of being on track to graduate a year early made me realize just how close the “great unknown” was. I had a few options,

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