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7 Jobs for Creatives Working in Marketing Communications

  August 22, 2019        0 Comments

Are you a creative professional dedicated to innovative thinking?

Are you passionate about the marketing industry?

Are you concerned that you don't have the skills necessary to succeed in a rapidly-changing field like marketing communications?

West Virginia University's Reed College of Media has the solution for creative minds like you.

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Topics: Integrated Marketing Communications

IMC & DMC Students Get Real About the Challenge of Time Management

  August 20, 2019        0 Comments

Making the decision to start your journey toward a graduate degree in either Integrated Marketing Communications or Data Marketing Communications can be challenging — especially when you are working a full-time job, juggling your personal responsibilities, and trying to maintain a social life. However, committing to graduate school does not mean giving up on the other parts of your life. It does mean, though, that you need to acknowledge the

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Topics: Integrated Marketing Communications, Data Marketing Communications

13 Career Titles for Data-Driven Marketers

  August 15, 2019        0 Comments

The marketing communications field continues to recognize the need for professional communicators who can apply data, analysis, and creative thinking to marketing campaigns. This recognition has led to more and more careers emerging for marketing professionals who understand the importance of data-driven marketing in all facets of marketing communications.

With this in mind, here are 13 career options for marketing professionals who aren’t afraid to

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Topics: Data Marketing Communications

[Interview] An Industry Consultant Examines B2B Marketing in 2019

  August 13, 2019        0 Comments

Bill Jones brings value to his students, consulting clients, and customers through his combination of skills and experience in sales, sales management, engineering, product development, team building, and innovation. Through WMTJ Consulting, Jones consults on product development, industrial process improvement, sales, and marketing. He develops and delivers in-house and manufacturer’s representative sales training courses, which include role playing and

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Topics: Podcast Resources

Concept Development, Strategy, and Tactics in Integrated Marketing Communications — WVU Faculty Insight

  August 06, 2019        0 Comments

Larry Stultz, Ph.D., has been a part of the Integrated Marketing Communications faculty community since 2007. He served as department chair for the Bachelor of Arts in Advertising program at The Art Institute of Atlanta, where he taught courses in conceptual thinking and campaign development for twenty years. Prior to entering the teaching phase of his life, he operated design and advertising firms in New Orleans and Atlanta with clients in hospitality and tourism, commercial real estate,...

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Topics: Podcast Resources

[Interview] A Marketing Consultant Examines Digital Technology and Ethical Uncertainties in Strategic Marketing

  July 23, 2019        0 Comments

Amy Teller, Marketing Consultant at Orangesplash Technologies Inc., discusses the ethical uncertainties in strategic marketing with the evolution of digital technologies. Digital technologies have transformed the media landscape and are integral to virtually every industry and field, and marketing is no exception. Today, marketers must integrate both the creative aspects of the discipline with more technical aspects.

Data-driven marketing strategies have become fundamental to the new...

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Topics: Podcast Resources

How IMC Allowed Me to Explore Marketing Communications at a Deeper Level

  July 18, 2019        0 Comments

Bailee Miller wanted two things: to explore the field of marketing communications at a deeper level and to do so while continuing to work. That's when she discovered West Virginia University's Integrated Marketing Communications graduate program.

Here's what she had to say about how WVU's Integrated Marketing Communications master's program encouraged her to specialize in an incredibly competitive field without sacrificing her time in the workplace.

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Topics: Integrated Marketing Communications, Student & Alumni Stories

[Interview] One Marketing Expert Reveals the Secret to Valuable Content

  July 16, 2019        0 Comments

Kristin Meeks is a consultant that specializes in the integration of digital and traditional marketing practices. Meeks is the owner of WV Social Media, located in Parkersburg, West Virginia, and the founder of the Social Media Marketing Made Simple Training Academy. Her specialty is helping clients and academy members find the strategy behind their social media practices. WV Social Media serves clients from coast to coast, assessing their social media needs, facilitating marketing training...

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Have Questions About the DMC Program? Hear From Our Alumni and Faculty

  July 05, 2019        0 Comments

On May 23, West Virginia University’s M.S. in Data Marketing Communications program held an online information session that included a panel of alumni and faculty who offered insight from their experience with the program and provided advice to students who are considering beginning their data marketing communication education.

Panelists included Josh Wilson, Vice President of Marketing at Whitefish Credit Union, April Blankenship, Manager of Video Partnerships at Initiative Media, and Cyndi...

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Topics: Data Marketing Communications

Protecting the Brand: The Role of Brand Standards in Integrated Marketing Communications

  July 02, 2019        0 Comments

David Hazelton has over 30 years of professional experience in design, branding, and marketing. As design director for ProShares, David is responsible for brand consistency across all channels of the company’s marketing, advertising, and corporate communications.

Prior to joining ProShares, David spent over a decade in boutique agencies. During that time, he used his branding and marketing talents to enhance the brand image of clients like OSHA, the National Institute of Mental Health, the...

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