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Rethink Involving Your Parents in the Grad School Admissions Process — Here's Why

  January 17, 2019        0 Comments


You'd be surprised to learn how many parents of prospective graduate students are intimately involved in their children's graduate school admissions and application process.

What does this look like exactly? Well, many graduate school administrators receive calls and emails from parents checking-in on their children's progress. These check-ins vary from inquiries about application requirements to follow-ups on receipt of transcripts. Whatever the reason behind these check-ins, it’s clear...

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WVU's Top 5 Blog Articles of 2018

  December 20, 2018        0 Comments

At West Virginia University, we've been busy researching, analyzing, and creating content related to the kinds of topics that are valuable to you.

We took a few minutes to research the five most viewed blog posts from The Summit Ahead from 2018. Take a look, and hopefully, you'll find these stories to be as valuable as the rest of our readers!

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7 Errors NOT to Make While Applying to Grad School

  October 11, 2018        1 Comment

There are a lot of moving parts that come with applying to graduate school, and with those moving parts comes the possibility of making mistakes, but as you tackle the graduate school admissions process, remember that you're not alone!

Here at West Virginia University, we're prepared and excited to help you in whatever way we can. And that's why we took the time to list out a few mistakes and faux pas that you should definitely avoid when applying to graduate school.

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Graduate Assistantships: Why They Matter and How to Apply for One

  April 26, 2018        0 Comments

Your graduate education is more than what you learn in the classroom — it’s also the work experience you gain and the networks you cultivate.

One way to obtain work experience in graduate school is through a graduate assistantship. A unique experience during graduate years, graduate assistantships provide an excellent learning environment, exposing students to what it is like to be in the workforce (and will also help you in financing graduate school!).

Here are a few reasons graduate...

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3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying to a Master's Program

  March 29, 2018        0 Comments

Between studying for the GRE, analyzing your financial situation, and making a decision regarding whether to keep working or not, applying to graduate school can be stressful. And in the midst of weighing several challenging choices, it's sometimes easy to overlook important steps in the graduate school admissions process.

But don't worry! The West Virginia University Admissions team is here to help.

Take a look at these three easily avoidable mistakes before you apply to grad school (and...

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3 Reasons an Online Hybrid MBA Program May be Right for You (or Not!)

  March 08, 2018        0 Comments

Are you ready to go back to school, but not ready to quit your job?

Choosing graduate school online will allow you to maintain momentum in your career while pursuing your degree. You'll not only master a specific body of knowledge, you'll also learn to think critically and creatively, analyze and synthesize information, communicate effectively, and solve complex problems — all skills that give you that decisive competitive edge.

But remember that there are two sides to every story. Just...

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A Look at WVU's Integrated Marketing Communications Master’s Degree

  February 22, 2018        0 Comments

Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) is a planning process designed to assure that all brand contacts received by a customer or prospect for a product, service, or organization are relevant to that person and consistent over time."

But what exactly does this mean?

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Beyond the Grades – 5 Things Grad Admissions Are Looking For in an Applicant

  February 08, 2018        2 Comments

There are misconceptions of what makes a good graduate student.

When choosing a graduate school and when navigating the graduate school admissions process, students can submit (in addition to undergraduate transcripts) other program specific materials, which may include interviews, portfolios, résumés, test scores, recommendations, and essays.

Though high grades and test scores are highly commendable, the true picture of an individual is revealed in these supplemental requirements.

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WVU's 10 Tips for Balancing Work, Family, and Graduate Studies

  October 12, 2017        0 Comments

“There are not enough hours in the day,” is probably what you keep thinking to yourself as you try to balance full-time employment, graduate school, and your family/personal life. While we cannot add hours to your full days, we can offer tips to help you stay sane and be as productive as possible.

Here are 10 tips for balancing work, grad school, and family.

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Uncovering the Value of an Advanced Degree in the Health Sciences

  September 28, 2017        0 Comments

As the human population ages, the health care industry must strive to meet the demands of inevitable changes. Simply put, we will always have evolving health care needs, so in turn, we will always need professionals to care for and assess our health.

The health care industry is among the fastest growing — with the employment of health care occupations expected to grow about 19 percent between 2014 and 2024.

But in order to address the complexities of modern health science, it’s imperative...

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