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Make Real-World Impact: Earn Your Master of Social Work Degree

  March 14, 2019        0 Comments

Are you looking for a job that allows you to work in a variety of environments?

Are you passionate about having a meaningful career?

Would you like to make a difference in the lives of others?

The Master of Social Work at West Virginia University is dedicated to producing competent and effective professionals who are committed to enhancing social well-being and quality of life — with particular emphasis on vulnerable and oppressed populations in small towns and rural areas characteristic of...

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Making a Career Change to Landscape Architecture

  February 14, 2019        0 Comments

Do you have an appreciation for nature and a passion for working with your hands?

Do you find both art and science compelling?

Are you looking to make a career change

Landscape architecture is the design and planning profession that applies both art and science to achieve the best use of land. West Virginia University's Landscape Architecture program prepares students to become effective professionals and citizens. This is achieved by emphasizing a philosophy of responsibility and...

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US News Recognizes 5 of WVU's Graduate Programs in the 2019 Best Online Programs Rankings

  January 24, 2019        0 Comments

Online graduate business programs in Data Analytics, the Online MBA, and Forensic Accounting & Fraud Examination at West Virginia University have been recognized in the top 50 of the latest U.S. News & World Report Best Online Programs Rankings, as has an online graduate Engineering program in Information Technology. Additionally, WVU’s online graduate program in Education was ranked in the top 100. The rankings were officially released on January 15 by U.S. News & World Report.

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Highlighting 7 WVU Research Achievements of 2018

  December 06, 2018        0 Comments

West Virginia University is proud to be one of the 115 R1 institutions in the nation. Only the best research universities in the country achieve this status, which means that WVU is recognized for its research-based graduate programs and its research achievements.

Let's dig a little deeper and examine several of WVU's 2018 research achievements. 

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4 Research-Intensive Graduate Programs for Lovers of Data

  November 29, 2018        0 Comments

There are 115 institutions in the U.S. classified as R1 by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Higher Education, and West Virginia University's research classification is described as fitting into the “highest research activity” classification for doctoral universities.

R1 institutions are engaged at the frontiers of knowledge discovery across the spectrum from the Creative Arts and Humanities to the Social Sciences to the Applied and Basic Sciences. These are the best research...

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7 Reasons Online Learning Could Be the Future of Graduate Education

  August 09, 2018        0 Comments

“I strongly believe that the future of higher education lies with online learning ... Jobs and family commitments make equal demands on [students'] time. Having the option of taking online classes and studying on their own time is critically important."-Tom Snyder, Huffington Post

In light of these progressive claims, there are factors to consider when choosing in what manner to pursue your advanced degree. Since the end result is the same — a diploma — which platform of learning is right...

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6 Online Graduate Degrees for Working Career Changers

  July 12, 2018        1 Comment

Did you know that in the last five years, 80 percent of workers in their 20s said they wanted to change careers, followed by 64 percent of 30-somethings, and 54 percent of professionals in their 40s?

Here at West Virginia University, we understand there are many reasons people want to change careers. And if you're one of the many working professionals trying to figure out how to best prepare yourself to switch careers, you may want to consider enrolling in graduate school online

Here are...

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Be an Agent of Social Change with These 4 Graduate Degrees

  May 31, 2018        0 Comments

We’re all familiar with Gandhi's inspirational and age-old quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

And if you’re someone who’s concerned with social or environmental well-being, you probably know how difficult it can be to feel as though you’re making a real difference.

Here at West Virginia University, we want to help you figure out how to make a real difference by matching you with a graduate degree in your specific area of interest.

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Why I Made the Switch from Chemistry to Forensic & Investigative Science

  May 24, 2018        0 Comments

There are many reasons to switch fields of study. Maybe you're disillusioned with the current direction of your education or maybe you're finding out that your strengths and talents lie elsewhere.

Whatever your reason, you shouldn't be afraid of trying to align your current interests with your future career — even if it means pursuing an advanced degree that's different from your undergraduate degree.

In order to better demonstrate this idea, we chatted with Korina, a current WVU student...

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How Pursuing a Bachelor's and a Master's in Different Fields Helped Me to Challenge an Industry's Status Quo

  May 17, 2018        1 Comment

If I asked my 18-year-old self if she thought I would earn a master’s degree in Data Marketing Communications (DMC), she likely would have looked at me with a blank stare.

In 2010, the sales, marketing, and technology silos were just that, separate, and not always equal, departments of a business. But today, it is my belief that data-driven marketers are leading the charge in breaking-down these silos by bridging the gaps between departments and by creating a greater depth of opportunities.

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