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Do I Need to Take the GRE? Not for These 7 Programs

Posted by Shelly Quance on 11/2/23 3:32 PM

  November 02, 2023    

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Many hopeful graduate students find themselves digging through a list of requirements, fees, supplemental essays, and interviews as they consider programs and universities. If you’re eager to get started on your next degree but the road to enrolling seems daunting, you might be looking for ways to minimize your stress. 

You’re wondering, “Do I need to take the GRE?” The answer is there are many programs that don’t require the GRE!

Understanding the GRE

The GRE is often a defining factor in many graduate program applications. With its reputation for rigorous questions and the pressure it brings, the test often becomes a significant hurdle along the path to further education.

There’s a financial barrier to taking the GRE. The test costs $205 per attempt and $35 to send to the programs you have applied to. There’s a time commitment for hours of studying and four hours to sit for the exam. If you’re familiar with test anxiety then you know that the GRE might also increase the amount of stress in your life.

Students often ask if navigating these obstacles is necessary to pursue a graduate degree. We’re happy to report that at WVU we have a long list of programs, across disciplines, that don’t require the GRE. 

WVU Programs That Don’t Require the GRE

Several graduate programs at West Virginia University understand these challenges. They prioritize the diverse knowledge and skills students bring over standardized test scores. Let’s walk through seven such programs at WVU that do not require the GRE for application.

Political Science

If you have an interest in public administration, international relations, and policy-making, then our Political Science program is for you. The program leads graduates to a variety of opportunities in public policy, government entities, journalism, and more. Provide academic transcripts, articulate statements of purpose, and share three letters of recommendation to complete your application process.

Social Work

For those dedicated to uplifting your community, our Social Work program paves an excellent path. Potential career outcomes include healthcare, mental health, education, and child welfare. Your application will include a personal statement, your resume, academic transcripts, and three letters of recommendation.

Nursing MSN

Equipping students with superior skills for advanced practice nursing, our Nursing MSN program opens avenues for exciting roles across a wide spectrum of healthcare institutions. You’ll include your nursing licensure, detailed transcripts, and professional references in your application to be considered for admission. 

Business Data Analytics

Dedicated to fostering proficiency in data-driven decision-making, our online Business Data Analytics program prepares students to excel in data analysis, data management, and business intelligence. Your application will focus on strong academic transcripts, a statement of purpose, a letter of recommendation, and official transcripts. 

Nutritional and Food Science

In our Nutritional and Food Science program, students dive into the intricate world of dietary and nutritional sciences. From nutrition consulting to food science research and public health, the career avenues are vast. Transcripts, a statement of purpose, and three letters of recommendation will be used to determine admissibility to the program. 

Public Health

Our Masters of Public Health program is designed for those with an unwavering commitment to community health, disease prevention, and health promotion. An impactful career in health departments, non-profits, and healthcare organizations is within reach. Prepare a résumé, a personal statement, academic transcripts, and three letters of recommendation for the application.

Art Education

Artists and educators converge in our Art Education program, where encouraging creative and critical thinking takes the forefront. Thrive as art teachers, community art coordinators, and museum educators— all you need is an art portfolio, recommendation letters, and transcripts to accompany your application.

Moving Forward with Your Applications 

Don't let entrance exams like the GRE deter your academic dreams. West Virginia University offers a long list of programs that heavily weigh your skills and experiences in your application. Removing the GRE requirement might seem minor, but it clears a significant obstacle for many prospective graduate students.

Explore the full list of programs that don’t require the GRE to make your mark on research excellence and innovation. 

Other programs that don’t require the GRE: 


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Posted by Shelly Quance

Shelly Quance has spent almost 20 years working in higher education marketing communications. She currently serves as Director for West Virginia University’s Office of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment where she works collaboratively with College leadership to develop, implement, and evaluate creative and effective comprehensive communication and marketing plans to increase graduate student enrollment.


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