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4 Career Options with Proven ROI for Public Health Professionals

  April 25, 2019        0 Comments

The field of public health is an evidence-based, data-driven discipline that is focused on providing real-world solutions to complex health issues. And as an aspiring public health professional, you’re passionate about engaging with the data and research in order to identify and provide solutions for our communities’ public health needs.

In order to address these needs, an advanced degree in public health is often needed. Completing a graduate degree in public health can help you enact...

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What Are Some Career Options for Former Athletes?

  March 28, 2019        0 Comments

Pursuing a professional athletic career can be rewarding, challenging, and lucrative. For those lucky enough to play sports as a profession, it is often a short-lived career due to injury or aging that limits competitiveness. 

For those wishing to pursue a career in sports management, coaching, teaching, athletic training, or exercise psychology, it’s important to realize that the sports industry is increasingly difficult to break into (and being a sports fanatic is not enough to land a...

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Making a Career Change to Landscape Architecture

  February 14, 2019        0 Comments

Do you have an appreciation for nature and a passion for working with your hands?

Do you find both art and science compelling?

Are you looking to make a career change

Landscape architecture is the design and planning profession that applies both art and science to achieve the best use of land. West Virginia University's Landscape Architecture program prepares students to become effective professionals and citizens. This is achieved by emphasizing a philosophy of responsibility and...

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3 Reasons Startup Culture Needs Professionals with Advanced Degrees

  July 05, 2018        1 Comment

While startup companies are largely attractive to entrepreneurs and technologically-savvy individuals, startup culture is realizing that it has a high demand for those with research capabilities, managerial skills, and decision abilities.

In other words, since startup companies need professionals who can efficiently run their entrepreneurial ventures, they also often need individuals who have been trained to do so in formal, advanced education.

If you see yourself working in startup...

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Be an Agent of Social Change with These 4 Graduate Degrees

  May 31, 2018        0 Comments

We’re all familiar with Gandhi's inspirational and age-old quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

And if you’re someone who’s concerned with social or environmental well-being, you probably know how difficult it can be to feel as though you’re making a real difference.

Here at West Virginia University, we want to help you figure out how to make a real difference by matching you with a graduate degree in your specific area of interest.

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10 Graduate Degrees at WVU for Career Changers

  May 10, 2018        0 Comments

The only constant that seems to define life as a post-graduate is change itself.

Interests, long-term goals, career aspirations — they are all up in the air. Your interests as a high school senior – when you chose your intended course of study and well, in many cases your career path for the foreseeable future – are often vastly different from the college senior that walks across the stage at graduation four years later.

But the good news is it’s never too late to chase your daydreams, and...

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You Can Change Your Community (And the World) with a Graduate Degree in Sustainability

  May 03, 2018        0 Comments

Do you want a career that really focuses on economic, social, and environmental change?

Are you wondering if a graduate degree will actually prepare you to thrive in a purpose-driven career?

We understand that making the decision to get your master’s and choosing a graduate school can be challenging, but we want to help you make the best decision possible.

Keep reading for some insight into why the Admissions professionals at West Virginia University think a graduate degree based in...

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26 Booming Industries to Look Out for in 2018

  April 12, 2018        3 Comments

It's no secret that technology is changing, and along with it, technology's evolution is resulting in some industries dissolving, while other industries are thriving.

After doing some research on a range of publications, we've put together a list of 26 industries that are thought to be on the verge of blowing up.

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How a Graduate Degree Can Help You Master Disruptive Thinking and Lead a Startup Company

  March 22, 2018        1 Comment

We all know the stories: Zuckerberg with Facebook, Spigiel and Brown with Snapchat, and Bezos with Amazon.

These stories are about otherwise ordinary people who had the grit and gumption necessary to launch their own startup companies — and who were wildly successful at doing so.

Without a doubt, launching your own startup company can be a real challenge. From working through technical problems to understanding the market in which you'll operate, running a successful startup requires...

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3 Reasons the State of West Virginia Needs Public Health Professionals

  March 15, 2018        0 Comments

As the health needs of our communities change and evolve, so will the demand for dedicated doctors, researchers, and health administrators.

Whether it’s finding ways to promote rural seniors’ access to healthy food or collaborating with corporations and public officials to create a digitally-skilled workforce, West Virginia University's public health professionals are working to turn some of the most critical questions our society faces today — into solutions.

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