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Fighting Food Insecurity with a Competitive Fellowship — Rebecca's Research

  May 02, 2019        0 Comments

A West Virginia University graduate student whose research focuses on food insecurity on college campuses has been selected for a fellowship with the American Society for Nutrition, a very competitive fellowship for academics and researchers. 

Forever passionate about food security and food integrity, Rebecca Hagedorn is studying stressors that directly relate to students who struggle with finding reliable

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Researching the Tie Between Vegetarian Diets & Diabetes — Rachel's PhD Journey

  April 18, 2019        0 Comments

Food security. Access to proper nutrition. Education about healthy diets.

There are many public health issues in our nation and in the state of West Virginia specifically, but at West Virginia University, we're dedicated to preparing the public health professionals of the future who can make a tangible difference the community.

We talked with Rachel, a PhD student in the School of Public Health, and learned about her journey to bring awareness to the benefits of a vegetarian diet and the...

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Topics: Student and Alumni Testimonials

Quincy's STEM Story — His Intimate Research Resulting in Biomedical Discoveries and Real Innovation

  November 01, 2018        0 Comments

Quincy Hathaway is an innovator, a researcher, and a future leader in STEM. The Admissions Team at West Virginia University talked with him in order to understand his recent research grant from the American Heart Association.

Here's what Quincy had to say about his dedication to excellence and his biomedical discoveries.

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Impact Technology with a PhD in Physics — Tips from a Researcher

  September 20, 2018        2 Comments

"STEM education generates critical thinkers and promotes innovations that lead to novel ideas, products, and new technology — which is very important for the sustainable economic growth of this country."

That's what Sobhit Singh, a PhD graduate of West Virginia University's Physics program, had to say about what drove him to pursue a doctorate degree in this particularly complex field.

We dug a little deeper and asked Sobhit about his experience at WVU, how he plans on promoting innovation...

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Promoting Innovation with a PhD in Neuroscience — Raymond's Story

  August 16, 2018        0 Comments

It's an understatement to say that the field of neuroscience is complicated, multifaceted, and not for the faint of heart or mind. And as an aspiring leader in the field of neuroscience or in any other STEM field — there's no better way to establish yourself as an expert than to pursue the highest level of excellence in your field — a doctorate degree.

That's why we talked with Raymond Anderson, a current Ph.D. student in West Virginia University's Neuroscience program. Here's what he had...

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Katie's Story — Using My EdD to Improve Higher Education Administration

  August 02, 2018        0 Comments

Meet Katie Condon — West Virginia University's Assistant Director of Admission & Recruitment.

In addition to her work in the Office of Admissions, Katie pursued a master's degree at WVU where she participated in a graduate assistantship, which in turn inspired her to stay and pursue her Doctor of Education degree in Higher Education Administration.

We asked her a few questions and learned more about how her time at WVU has prepared her for a meaningful career in higher ed administration,...

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Topics: Student and Alumni Testimonials

I'm Getting a PhD to Help Fight the National Opioid Crisis — Here's Why

  July 19, 2018        0 Comments

Poverty, lack of nutrition, opioid addiction: These are just some of the social issues impacting the Appalachia region.

These are also some of the issues that have inspired me to further my education in hopes of making a real difference in my community — and the world.

Below is just a little bit of my story: It covers what sparked my passion for public health, how my graduate assistantship augmented by education, and what I hope to do with my doctorate degree to inspire social change. Maybe...

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I'm Using the Power of Storytelling to Shed Light on Social Issues — Here's How

  June 21, 2018        1 Comment

Storytelling is the social and cultural activity of sharing stories in order to impact social change or evoke emotion. 

Here at West Virginia University, we think that storytelling is important, and that's why we offer a dynamic and multifaceted graduate program in Journalism. We talked with Emily, a WVU student enrolled in the M.S. in Journalism program, and asked some questions about how WVU has allowed her to explore the power of storytelling in her field. 

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Why I Made the Switch from Chemistry to Forensic & Investigative Science

  May 24, 2018        0 Comments

There are many reasons to switch fields of study. Maybe you're disillusioned with the current direction of your education or maybe you're finding out that your strengths and talents lie elsewhere.

Whatever your reason, you shouldn't be afraid of trying to align your current interests with your future career — even if it means pursuing an advanced degree that's different from your undergraduate degree.

In order to better demonstrate this idea, we chatted with Korina, a current WVU student...

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How Pursuing a Bachelor's and a Master's in Different Fields Helped Me to Challenge an Industry's Status Quo

  May 17, 2018        1 Comment

If I asked my 18-year-old self if she thought I would earn a master’s degree in Data Marketing Communications (DMC), she likely would have looked at me with a blank stare.

In 2010, the sales, marketing, and technology silos were just that, separate, and not always equal, departments of a business. But today, it is my belief that data-driven marketers are leading the charge in breaking-down these silos by bridging the gaps between departments and by creating a greater depth of opportunities.

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