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Here's Why I'm Changing to a Career in Social Work (And Getting an MSW Online)

  November 04, 2022    

People change careers all the time. Some, for reasons having to do with salary or location, but some people change careers because they want to make a real difference in the world.

Social work is an incredibly impactful field, but it is also one that has a reputation for being challenging. Sometimes called the "MBA of the helping professions," a Master of Social Work (MSW) prepares driven change-makers to

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Finding Funding for Graduate School — Erin's Story

  August 11, 2021    

Finding funding for graduate school doesn't have to be stressful or difficult. There are so many types of financial aid, and financing graduate school doesn't have to break the bank.

We spoke with Erin, a current WVU graduate student, and got her take on how to finance graduate school using traditional and creative

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I'm Getting an MSW to Secure a Career in the Helping Professions — Here's Why

  November 13, 2020    

Do you consider yourself an empathetic and compassionate human being?

Can you see yourself securing a career in the helping professions?

Are you thinking about boosting your career opportunities with a graduate degree?

If this sounds like you, then you may want to consider a career in the dynamic, mission-driven field of social work. Many people write social work off as an option because they think it only means working at CPS or providing therapy, and that is not the

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Katie's Story — Using My EdD to Improve Higher Education Administration

  July 22, 2020    

Meet Katie Condon — West Virginia University's Assistant Director of Admission & Recruitment.

In addition to her work in the Office of Admissions, Katie pursued a master's degree at West Virginia University, which in turn inspired her to stay and pursue her Doctor of Education in Higher Education Administration.

We asked her a few questions and learned more about how her time at WVU has prepared her for a meaningful career in higher education administration — where she can utilize her skills in...

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An Inspiring Story of Dedication to Academic Excellence — Kristen’s IMC Journey

  July 16, 2020    

Meet Kristen Cosner. Kristen is a proud 2018 alumna of the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) online graduate program at West Virginia University — finishing the program in less than two years.

After earning her master’s degree in IMC, Kristen was hired as a Communications Coordinator in the Office of Marketing and Public Relations at Glenville State College. Read Kristen’s unique story of survival and

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Why I'm Getting a Master's and a PhD in Higher Education Administration

  July 08, 2020    

West Virginia University is proud to be home to a community of forward-thinking, ambitious professionals who are working toward transforming the dynamic and impactful field of higher education administration.

Connor Ferguson is a graduate of WVU's Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration, and she has also been accepted to WVU's Doctor of Philosophy in Higher Education. Fueled by a love of learning and a respect for the field of higher education, she shares her thoughts on how WVU's...

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Achieving a Master’s Degree in Higher Education Administration at WVU

  June 15, 2020    

What is higher education administration?

A multifaceted and results-oriented field, higher education administration is a unique discipline related to the much larger umbrella of administration and management. Higher education administration involves the coordination of various academic programs, departments, and activities for higher education institutions.

If you're thinking about working in higher education, then this interview is a must-read.

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Researching the Tie Between Vegetarian Diets & Diabetes — Rachel's PhD Journey

  January 30, 2020    

Food security. Access to proper nutrition. Education about healthy diets.

There are many public health issues in our nation and in the state of West Virginia specifically, but at West Virginia University, we're dedicated to preparing the public health professionals of the future who can make a tangible difference the community.

We talked with Rachel, a PhD student in the School of Public Health, and learned about her journey to bring awareness to the benefits of a vegetarian diet and the...

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Impact Technology with a PhD in Physics — Tips from a Researcher

  January 09, 2020    

"STEM education generates critical thinkers and promotes innovations that lead to novel ideas, products, and new technology — which is very important for the sustainable economic growth of this country."

That's what Sobhit Singh, a PhD graduate of West Virginia University's Physics program, had to say about what drove him to pursue a doctorate degree in this particularly complex field.

We dug a little deeper and asked Sobhit about his experience at WVU, how he plans on promoting innovation in...

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Joining a Community of Literacy Leaders — Brittany's Story

  December 20, 2019    

Challenge conventional thinking. Increase self-awareness. Impact social change.

As an educator, as an agent of change, it’s crucial that you cultivate the skills needed to teach students valuable lessons like the ones listed above — both inside the classroom and beyond. In particular, literacy educators are armed with the practical knowledge and the strategic tools to effectively teach students how to read, write, listen, speak, research, and observe in order to positively impact

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