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11 Frequently Asked Questions About Taking the GRE

  June 14, 2023    

Navigating all of the online and print resources related to the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) can be daunting, to say the least.

But the Admissions professionals here at West Virginia University scoured the web and focused on finding out what questions most aspiring graduate students have regarding the GRE (and answered them below!) so that you can focus your time and energy on actual GRE test prep instead of spending hours figuring out how to prepare.

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How to Prepare for the GRE in 2023

  October 27, 2022    

While some schools and programs are moving away from the Graduate Record Examination, or the GRE, there are some institutions that will continue to require it for the foreseeable future.

For students who will be required to submit GRE scores, the GRE test prep process can come with some stress and worry. After all, we've all heard the cliche

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7 Tips to Improving Your Approach to GRE Test Prep

  May 13, 2020    

If you’re thinking about going to graduate school, you’ve probably been wondering how to start studying for the Graduate Record Examination, otherwise known as the GRE.

Most graduate programs require that applicants take the GRE, a roughly four-hour test that resembles the structure of its college entry precursor, the SAT, with three sections that assess verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing skills. So, if you’re worried that your standardized test-taking abilities are rusty, don’t be....

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5 GRE Sample Questions & Answers to Help You Study

  February 09, 2017    

There are many tips and tricks for doing well on the GRE (some are below), but the best way to prepare is to practice sample questions. Below are some sample questions (answers are at the bottom of the page!) as well as links to other sources of practice questions.

Set yourself up for success by diving into GRE test prep today!

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What You Need to Know about the Difference Between the SAT and the GRE

  January 18, 2017    

Remember taking the SAT?

It was probably the first standardized test you’ve taken that had a big impact on your future. The ever-evolving test is a rite of passage for most high school students, and you’re probably glad that experience is far behind you. But now that you’re in college (or a recent college graduate), you’re probably thinking about next steps.

If graduate school is a possibility for you, then another standardized test is in your future: the GRE.

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3 Things to Know About the GRE Before You Start Studying

  December 06, 2016    

The GRE doesn’t have to be a daunting hurdle for graduate school hopefuls. After four years (or more!) of exams and papers, the last thing on your to-do list might be taking another test. You may even be deciding if an advanced degree is the right path for you.

Whether you’re set on graduate school or not, the GRE is a great option because it opens up the possibility of graduate school – even if you’re still ironing out the details on your future. So, keep these three things in mind before you...

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3 Tips on How to Master the GRE Test

  March 23, 2016    

So, you’ve decided to go to grad school?

Maybe you’re a confident test-taker and you can’t wait to prove yourself. Or, maybe you still have recurring nightmares about showing up late to your final college exam with neither pencil nor pants. Either way, a sound GRE test prep strategy is a worthwhile investment. It won’t just yield a good score; it will also sharpen the very skills you need in grad school!

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How to Decide Between Taking the GMAT and the GRE

  March 09, 2016    

So, you've decided to go to business school?

Before you make any other decisions, you need to do some research and decide whether you should start studying for the GRE or the GMAT (or both!). Read on for a few insights into what should affect your decision.

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