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What is Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling?

  March 28, 2023    

For myriad reasons, millions of people struggle with mental and emotional health. But after thoughtful consideration, many of these people pursue professional help from skilled counselors in hopes of increasing their overall well-being.

Counseling jobs are diverse: a counselor might work in schools or hospitals, with children or adults, with marriages and families, or with those grieving or recovering from substance abuse. No matter what area a counselor decides to work in, their job requires...

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5 Reasons NOT to Involve Your Parents In Your Grad School Application Process

  February 07, 2023    

“Helicopter parenting” is a term recognized by most, but have you heard of “snowplow parenting?”

This usually begins when an over-parented child begins college, and the parent moves to the role of knocking out any obstacles that might come in the way of their child’s college experience.

As a graduate admissions director, I’m concerned over the increasing number of calls and emails I get from parents on behalf of their child. These check-ins vary from inquiries about graduate school application...

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How to Prep for Top Interview Questions for Graduate Assistants

  January 06, 2023    

Graduate assistantships remain one of the most valuable and practical learning opportunities for graduate students today. In addition to gaining real-world work experience, graduate assistants also receive a stipend or tuition discount that helps to offset the cost of graduate school.

The graduate assistantship application process differs by school, but many universities require applicants to submit an essay, GPA, and in some cases, attend an in-person or virtual interview as part of the...

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Make a Lasting Impact: 5 Best Master’s Degrees for the Future

  December 22, 2022    

As we enter 2023, you have the opportunity to transform your career (and ultimately, your life) with a graduate degree.

But if you are going to spend your time, money, and energy obtaining an advanced degree, then it is critical that you choose the program that is going to serve as a launching pad for your career. 

Industries are not static, and as such, our professional landscape is always changing. For this reason, it is important that you not only choose a program that

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Need-to-Know Tips for How to Apply to Grad School

  December 13, 2022    

People choose graduate school for all sorts of reasons — to change careers, to upskill in hopes of landing a promotion, to nurture a love of lifelong learning — just to name a few.

But taking that next step and actually applying to graduate school can seem challenging to many.

While applying to grad school can feel daunting, you can take actionable, practical steps to make the application process easier and (nearly) stress free. So, let's explore

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What is the Difference Between R1 and R2 Universities?

  November 30, 2022    

At R1 institutions, research study spans the academic spectrum, engaging grad students with research opportunities from the creative arts and humanities to the social sciences and applied sciences.

R1 universities are at the forefront of research and innovation, and they receive federal and/or private funding specifically for their academic research.

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Higher Education has classified approximately 146 U.S. institutions as having R1 status. In other...

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7 Jobs that Require Imagination and Creativity

  November 22, 2022    

When you think of careers that utilize the "left side of the brain," jobs like artist, designer, and filmmaker probably come to mind. But jobs that tap into the "left brain" are not as narrow of a category as you might think — there are a variety of roles across industries that require imagination and creativity. 

We live in an interdisciplinary era. Professionals are expected to cultivate a wide range of skills and pull from their knowledge bank to contribute to their industries. Fostering...

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How to Find the Best Graduate Program for You

  November 10, 2022    

Making the decision to go to grad school might be easier than determining the best graduate program for you and your career goals. It might seem overwhelming to have so many options, but it’s actually an amazing opportunity for you to consider what’s most important to you. Ultimately, you should choose a program that will prepare you to be a leader in your industry.

Choosing a strategic graduate program begins with you and your goals, and how you approach this decision should have a strategy. 


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Here's Why I'm Changing to a Career in Social Work (And Getting an MSW Online)

  November 04, 2022    

People change careers all the time. Some, for reasons having to do with salary or location, but some people change careers because they want to make a real difference in the world.

Social work is an incredibly impactful field, but it is also one that has a reputation for being challenging. Sometimes called the "MBA of the helping professions," a Master of Social Work (MSW) prepares driven change-makers to

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How to Prepare for the GRE in 2023

  October 27, 2022    

While some schools and programs are moving away from the Graduate Record Examination, or the GRE, there are some institutions that will continue to require it for the foreseeable future.

For students who will be required to submit GRE scores, the GRE test prep process can come with some stress and worry. After all, we've all heard the cliche

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