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Highlighting 7 WVU Research Achievements of 2018

  December 06, 2018        0 Comments

West Virginia University is proud to be one of the 115 R1 institutions in the nation. Only the best research universities in the country achieve this status, which means that WVU is recognized for its research-based graduate programs and its research achievements.

Let's dig a little deeper and examine several of WVU's 2018 research achievements. 

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4 Research-Intensive Graduate Programs for Lovers of Data

  November 29, 2018        0 Comments

There are 115 institutions in the U.S. classified as R1 by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Higher Education, and West Virginia University's research classification is described as fitting into the “highest research activity” classification for doctoral universities.

R1 institutions are engaged at the frontiers of knowledge discovery across the spectrum from the Creative Arts and Humanities to the Social Sciences to the Applied and Basic Sciences. These are the best research...

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7 STEM Degrees for Ambitious Career Changers

  November 15, 2018        0 Comments

While having a liberal arts bachelor's degree does not necessarily exclude you from pursuing a STEM graduate degree, it does depend on which STEM discipline you’d like to pursue. For instance, some programs — such as Aerospace Engineering or Molecular Biology — have very rigid prerequisite requirements due to the nature of the material.

However, some advanced STEM education programs require applicants to hold a bachelor’s degree but do not discriminate against non-STEM bachelor’s degrees....

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Graduate Assistantships: 4 Valuable Reasons to Make Securing One a Priority

  November 08, 2018        0 Comments

If you’re a prospective or current graduate student, you’ve probably heard a little bit about graduate assistantships.

But what exactly are they? Why are they valuable? Are they really beneficial to your academic and professional career? How will one supplement the cost of my graduate degree? How can you apply for one?

The Admissions team at West Virginia University is here to educate you on the value of a graduate assistantship — like how securing one can help you in financing graduate...

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Quincy's STEM Story — His Intimate Research Resulting in Biomedical Discoveries and Real Innovation

  November 01, 2018        0 Comments

Quincy Hathaway is an innovator, a researcher, and a future leader in STEM. The Admissions Team at West Virginia University talked with him in order to understand his recent research grant from the American Heart Association.

Here's what Quincy had to say about his dedication to excellence and his biomedical discoveries.

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6 STEM Careers for Creative Minds

  October 18, 2018        0 Comments

Are you a creative individual with a background in liberal arts? Are you feeling dissatisfied with your current career options, or are you searching for something more technical? You might want to consider an advanced STEM education and jumpstart your career in a STEM field.

Although this suggestion may conjure up the prospect of long, dull hours spent doing repetitive technical work, the reality is that many STEM-related professions actually rely heavily on creativity and innovation.


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7 Errors NOT to Make While Applying to Grad School

  October 11, 2018        0 Comments

There are a lot of moving parts that come with applying to graduate school, and with those moving parts comes the possibility of making mistakes, but as you tackle the graduate school admissions process, remember that you're not alone!

Here at West Virginia University, we're prepared and excited to help you in whatever way we can. And that's why we took the time to list out a few mistakes and faux pas that you should definitely avoid when applying to graduate school.

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WVU's Mission: Empowering Rural Students to Succeed in STEM Education

  October 04, 2018        0 Comments

Strengthening its commitment to help support broad-based prosperity in West Virginia, the Center for Excellence in STEM Education at West Virginia University will lay the foundation for student success. 

“Empowering West Virginia students to pursue and stay in STEM fields is a critical component to moving West Virginia forward,” said principal investigator and WVU Center for Excellence in STEM Education director Gay Stewart. “By encouraging just 25 percent more of our students to complete...

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5 Ways Attending a Graduate Event Will Give You a Competitive Edge

  September 24, 2018        0 Comments

Making significant life decisions has never been more convenient than it is now in the internet age: Applying for the graduate degree of your dreams is only a click away!

When it comes to deciding on graduate school, however, it pays off in the long term to do some in-person investigation. Whether you’ve just begun considering higher education or you know exactly which master’s degree you want to earn, attending a graduate event will help ensure that you’re making the best decision for your...

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Impact Technology with a PhD in Physics — Tips from a Researcher

  September 20, 2018        2 Comments

"STEM education generates critical thinkers and promotes innovations that lead to novel ideas, products, and new technology — which is very important for the sustainable economic growth of this country."

That's what Sobhit Singh, a PhD graduate of West Virginia University's Physics program, had to say about what drove him to pursue a doctorate degree in this particularly complex field.

We dug a little deeper and asked Sobhit about his experience at WVU, how he plans on promoting innovation...

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Topics: Graduate Degrees in STEM, Student and Alumni Testimonials


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