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Do I Need to Take the GRE? Not for These 7 Programs

  November 02, 2023    

Many hopeful graduate students find themselves digging through a list of requirements, fees, supplemental essays, and interviews as they consider programs and universities. If you’re eager to get started on your next degree but the road to enrolling seems daunting, you might be looking for ways to minimize your stress. 

You’re wondering, “Do I need to take the GRE?” The answer is there are many programs that don’t require the GRE!

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6 Dynamic Careers that Combine Art and Science

  October 26, 2023    

In today's rapidly advancing world, careers that combine art and science have gained value and traction. They offer a unique intersection of creativity, analytical thinking, and innovation, making significant contributions across industries. 

The blending of artistic thought with scientific understanding and business acumen creates dynamic careers that shape the future. In this blog, we will explore the importance of art-science fusion, delve into some opportunities, and discover what types of...

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What Can You Do with a Social Science Degree?

  October 20, 2023    

Making the decision to go to grad school is a big deal. And deciding in what area to pursue your master’s is an even BIGGER deal.

If you’re considering what field to go into, you might find the perfect fit within the social sciences. The social sciences are an interdisciplinary field of study that explores human society, social relationships, and behavior in order to understand and improve the quality of human life and social structures.

If you are intellectually curious and empathetic, have a...

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How to Find a Graduate Assistantship in 2024: Tips & Resources

  October 17, 2023    

Graduate school is an investment — one that requires time, energy, and money. Especially today as higher education tuition costs continue to rise. 

While the benefits of graduate school are evident, it's also clear that graduate students want the assurance that they will enter the workforce equipped with the marketable, competitive skills needed to secure the career they want.   

One way that graduate students can gain practical field experience, deepen their academic understanding, and network...

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Beyond the Grades – What Do Grad Schools Look For?

  October 06, 2023    

There are misconceptions about what makes a good graduate application.

When choosing a graduate school and when navigating the graduate school admissions process, hopeful students can submit (in addition to undergraduate transcripts) other program-specific materials, which may include interviews, portfolios, résumés, test scores, recommendations, and essays.

Though high grades and test scores are highly commendable, the true picture of an individual is revealed in these supplemental...

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The Best Medical Careers That Aren't MD or RN

  September 27, 2023    

When it comes to pursuing a career in the medical field, many people start with what’s familiar: MD or RN. 

However, the world of healthcare offers a wide range of rewarding and in-demand careers beyond these two traditional paths. Let’s explore some of the best medical careers that aren't MD or RN, highlighting professions like physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), physician assistant (PA), pathologist assistant (MHS), and audiologist (AuD). 

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What’s New at WVU? AI Research and Supernovas

  September 19, 2023    

Timothy Faerber, a WVU graduate student, and Professor Loren Anderson study supernova remnants to further understand the properties and dynamics of the galaxy. (WVU Photo/Nathaniel Godwin)The academic year is in full swing at WVU and with the new year comes continued progress in R1 research, student achievements, and exciting alumni news.

Dead stars cast long shadows: WVU astronomer hunts for glowing ghosts of supernovas

A West Virginia University astronomer is on a mission to uncover the...

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What’s New at WVU? R1 research, new leaders, and NSF fellowships

  August 24, 2023    

Kourtney Dalzell, a doctoral student at West Virginia University, examines the image of a spherical microparticle of gunshot residue. (WVU Photo/Matt Sunday)

Here’s a recent number of exciting news stories at WVU making headlines. From new research breakthroughs to student achievements, there was something for everyone to celebrate. Read the recap of novel developments in R1 research, graduate school leaders, and award-winning Mountaineers.

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WVU Today: WVU breaks record for externally supported expenditures

  August 17, 2023    

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9 Master’s Degrees that Don't Require a Specific Bachelor’s Degree

  July 25, 2023    

Many college students do it — they enter their undergraduate studies with a vague idea of what they want to major in. Then once they’re too far in they realize maybe that wasn’t the right plan. Some find out later after they’ve already started working, that the career they chose as young adults isn’t a good fit. 

If this sounds like you and your bachelor’s degree doesn’t take you into the field you’d really like to make a career in, it’s time for a career change. The best way to signal to...

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