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What’s New at WVU? AI Research and Supernovas

  September 19, 2023    

Timothy Faerber, a WVU graduate student, and Professor Loren Anderson study supernova remnants to further understand the properties and dynamics of the galaxy. (WVU Photo/Nathaniel Godwin)The academic year is in full swing at WVU and with the new year comes continued progress in R1 research, student achievements, and exciting alumni news.

Dead stars cast long shadows: WVU astronomer hunts for glowing ghosts of supernovas

A West Virginia University astronomer is on a mission to uncover the...

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What’s New at WVU? R1 research, new leaders, and NSF fellowships

  August 24, 2023    

Kourtney Dalzell, a doctoral student at West Virginia University, examines the image of a spherical microparticle of gunshot residue. (WVU Photo/Matt Sunday)

Here’s a recent number of exciting news stories at WVU making headlines. From new research breakthroughs to student achievements, there was something for everyone to celebrate. Read the recap of novel developments in R1 research, graduate school leaders, and award-winning Mountaineers.

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WVU Today: WVU breaks record for externally supported expenditures

  August 17, 2023    

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Here’s How to Improve Your GRE Score

  July 18, 2023    

If you're pursuing a graduate degree, you've heard how important the GRE score is for some programs. Getting a higher GRE score can improve your chances of getting accepted into your dream graduate school and program.

Pro Tip: Check if WVU requires the GRE for your preferred program. Maybe you’ve just received your scores and you’re not happy with the results. How can you improve your GRE score to stand out among other applicants? It won’t happen overnight, but we have some tips for improving...

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Is a Social Science Degree Worth it Today?

  April 13, 2023    

Social science is an interdisciplinary field that weaves together the observation of human behavior and explores how to make sense of it. Social science includes fields such as economics, sociology, political science, and more. 

But in today’s STEM-focused world, is a social science degree worth it? 

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What is Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling?

  March 28, 2023    

For myriad reasons, millions of people struggle with mental and emotional health. But after thoughtful consideration, many of these people pursue professional help from skilled counselors in hopes of increasing their overall well-being.

Counseling jobs are diverse: a counselor might work in schools or hospitals, with children or adults, with marriages and families, or with those grieving or recovering from substance abuse. No matter what area a counselor decides to work in, their job requires...

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