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Free Ebook: The GRE Cheat Sheet — A Guide to Acing the GRE

Posted by Shelly Quance on 10/17/16 7:30 AM

  October 17, 2016    


Navigating all of the online and print resources related to the GRE can be daunting, to say the least. But if you’re a potential graduate student who is dreading the GRE, we’ve got you covered with our new free eBook, The GRE Cheat Sheet A Guide to Acing the GRE.

We scoured the web and our local booksellers to find the most useful information, practice tests, and prep courses available to you. That way, you can focus your time and energy on actually preparing for the GRE instead of spending hours figuring out how to prepare.

In the GRE Cheat Sheet, we’ve done our best to find both free resources as well as paid resources at various price points, so that you can face the GRE test prep process with confidence, whether you’re: 

  • Still contemplating grad school
  • Planning on grad school but are nervous at the prospect of having to take yet another standardized test
  • Unsure of how to start studying for the GRE
  • Studying for the GRE and need some new resources and study tips

In the guide, you’ll find:

  • Succinct explanations of what to expect from the GRE
  • Sample questions from each section of the GRE
  • A guide to the best resources available for GRE prep
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about the GRE

WVU hopes that this eBook will take a bit of the anxiety and confusion out of the GRE prep to make the process of applying to grad school a little less stressful. Consider this guide your free personal academic coach that will guide you from prep to test in just 11 pages.

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Posted by Shelly Quance

Shelly Quance has spent almost 20 years working in higher education marketing communications. She currently serves as Director for West Virginia University’s Office of Graduate Admissions and Recruitment where she works collaboratively with College leadership to develop, implement, and evaluate creative and effective comprehensive communication and marketing plans to increase graduate student enrollment.


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Learn about useful GRE information, practice tests, and prep courses available to you.

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