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How Do Sports and Autism Play the Right Roles Together?

  April 17, 2019        0 Comments

From the hardwood of the NBA with the Philadelphia 76ers to the asphalt racetracks of NASCAR with Richmond Raceway to the inspiring stories behind the world’s superlatives with Guinness World Records, Keith Green has more than two decades of sports and entertainment-focused integrated marketing communications experience. 

In 2015, Keith expanded his PR, marketing, community relations, and sales experience to include the role of a non-profit founder and leader when he formed the Autism MVP...

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3 Ways the DMC Degree Complements the IMC Curriculum

  April 11, 2019        0 Comments

West Virginia University’s Reed College of Media offers two graduate programs that are great options for professional communicators who want to thrive in the dynamic marketing communications landscape: Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) and Data Marketing Communications (DMC). Both graduate degrees are first-of-their-kind programs where you can learn cutting-edge skills from leading experts at an R1-status institution.

But what if you’re a marketing communications professional who...

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What is the Real ROI of a Master’s Degree for a Professional Marketer?

  March 22, 2019        0 Comments

As individuals, we face a deluge of information unprecedented in human history, from the screens we carry in our pockets to broadcast media, from traditional print to emerging AI technologies. As marketing communications professionals, we should be asking ourselves a crucial question: How can we, as professional communicators, propel our message, reach our target audience, remain relevant, and experience professional success in a competitive industry like marketing communications?

Success in...

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9 Tips for Executing Integrated Marketing Communications Today

  March 20, 2019        0 Comments

The marketing communications industry continues to evolve at lightning speed, and we — as marketing communications professionals, must be able to adapt and change with it.

To be successful in the evolving marketing communications industry, marketing managers must have the skills to create, implement, and examine marketing campaigns using an integrated, quantifiable methodology. They must have a clear understanding of how to

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How WVU’s Integrated Marketing Communications Program Prepares You for Real-Life Agency Work

  March 14, 2019        0 Comments

As a marketing communications professional, there are many directions in which you could take your career. Whether you see yourself pursuing an in-house communications position or you want more variety — you are determined to establish yourself as a relevant and respected thought-leader for a competitive agency.

West Virginia University’s Reed College of Media is dedicated to preparing students for a variety of roles and work environments within the marketing communications industry. That’s...

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4 Reasons the Art of Storytelling is Essential to Marketing Communications Professionals

  March 12, 2019        0 Comments

When you woke up this morning, what was the first thing you saw? When you reach for your clothes to get dressed, or for the ingredients in your fridge to make dinner, or when you search for something on Google for work — what brands are you exposed to, even unconsciously?

The average American is exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 advertisements every single day. Now, if you asked anyone how many they recall seeing, it would be nowhere near that number. In fact, one marketing firm found that...

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Understanding How the IMC Program Will Accelerate Your Career — Lindsay’s Story

  March 06, 2019        0 Comments

West Virginia University’s Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) features a network of 1,500+ alumni, current students, and faculty. For IMC students, WVU's support system begins on day-one and continues as long as you let it. As the saying goes, “Once a Mountaineer, Always a Mountaineer,” 

One IMC alum, Lindsay Emery, shares her takeaways and feedback for current students and prospective students of the IMC program alike. Lindsay now uses the skills and knowledge...

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3 Tips for Financing Your Marketing Communications Degree

  February 20, 2019        0 Comments


Making the decision to start your IMC or DMC graduate degree is the first step toward a successful marketing communications career. But the next major hurdle is to comprehend and plan for the financial commitment. Graduate school is a worth-while investment - here's how to plan for the subsequent costs and commitments, both financial and personal.

At WVU, you get a lot of bang for your buck. Tuition is the same regardless of where you live, and because of the flexible programming, you can...

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How One IMC Student Turned Her Marketing Knowledge into Career Success — Aaliyah's Story

  February 06, 2019        0 Comments

As an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) student here at West Virginia University, your pursuit of knowledge is supported at every step of the way as you work towards being a successful marketing professional.

Aaliyah Wilkerson, a current IMC student with an undergraduate degree from Florida A&M University (FAMU), fully embraces the "encyclopedia of unlimited marketing and communications information" as she goes through her IMC coursework.

Some of our best students (like Aaliyah!)...

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Exploring Integrated Marketing — an Interview with IMC Alumna Megan Bayles

  January 07, 2019        0 Comments

Recently, we had a chance to chat with Megan Bayles, a 2017 graduate of the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program at West Virginia University. She is now the marketing coordinator at Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, Delaware. 

Keep reading for a chance to hear Megan's story and to find out why the IMC program at WVU continues to be one of the premier programs in the country.

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